Every stage of the network's life cycle,
from design to upkeep, must be secured. Both personal PCs and public networks are to be protected.


SATCON Cyber Security conducts end-to-end security testing to identify concealed security issues and strengthens your cyber security posture. We do this by drawing on our profound knowledge of the field. You can get a comprehensive analysis of the actual cyber security of your IT infrastructure and key apps when you choose SATCON as your cyber security services provider. As a specialised and experienced provider of cyber security solutions, we offer dependable advise on how to make your IT Infrastructure as hacker-proof as possible.

To meet your deadlines and offer solutions that are unmatched, our team works round the clock. We combine our knowledge of the sector with the specifics of each firm. A Cyber Security team that is not only technically proficient but also sympathetic to your company's needs is what you get. We take care to conduct ourselves with professionalism and tact. We take on projects of any size and scope and successfully execute IT Security across all industries.

  • Benefit from Intelligent
    Security Solutions

  • In order to evaluate and strengthen an organization's security posture, security intelligence
    refers to the activity of gathering, standardizing and safeguarding.

Security for vital infrastructure.

With our in-depth knowledge of on-premise, cloud, and hybrid systems, we assist developing businesses in building multilayered lock down security architecture.

Smart Infrastructure Security Services by SATCON keep your users and workloads secure:

  • Email, file transfers, and social media threat prevention.

  • Data governance to regulate access to different data levels and auditing.

  • Data encryption helps safeguard your data whether it is in motion, at rest, in an archive, or in transit.

  • To swiftly react to emerging threats and malware while lowering false positives, instrument detection and prevention.

  • Manage network perimeter, virtual infrastructure, partners, mobile devices, and internet-facing services with the help of firewall solutions.

  • Security for applications

  • All tasks that help development teams adopt a safe software development
    life cycle are included in application security.

Credentials that have been acquired are indeed the main entry point for cyber threats and data breaches.

  • Protect your devices, both on and off business networks with DNS layer protection.

  • Protection against email threats: Identify and stop ransomware sent by spam and phishing emails.

  • Stop ransomware files from launching on endpoints with end point protection.

  • Complex Network Segmentation: Segment your network to maintain the security of services and application access.

  • Block callbacks from ransomware hosts to command and control servers for advanced defense against advanced attacks.

  • Network security

  • In order to detect, prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a
    computer network and network-accessible resources; policies, processes,
    and practices are used in network security.

  • A wide range of technologies, tools, and procedures are included under the umbrella term "network security." In the simplest sense, it can be described as a collection of guidelines and configurations used to safeguard the accessibility, integrity, and secrecy of computer networks and data utilizing both software and hardware technologies.

  • In order to prevent, detect, and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources, policies, protocols, and practices are adopted. Access to data on a network must be authorized, and the network administrator has authority over this process.

  • Networks are vulnerable to attacks from malicious attackers. Attacks can fall into one of two categories: "Passive" attacks, in which a network intruder intercepts data passing through the network, or "Active" attacks, in which a network intruder initiates commands to disrupt the network's regular operation or to conduct reconnaissance and lateral movements to find and access assets made available via the network.

  • Cloud protection

  • The goal of cloud security is to safeguard users, sensitive data, apps,
    and infrastructure in cloud computing environments.

  • One of the most important aspects of cloud security is cloud protection, which involves deployment of tools that lower risks related to cloud misconfigurations, limit the attack surface, remove the risk of lateral movement, and safeguard data and user access to cloud apps and app-to-app communications.

  • Companies should select a trust worthy provider while using cloud-based platforms and data storage applications. For instance, the platform of Google Cloud includes security capabilities.Google would have a secure infrastructure, access to their physical hosts, and network, and be able to fix or configure any difficulties that might occur. On the other hand, companies using Google Cloud would need to be aware of who has access to the cloud, make sure that no one could get unauthorized entry, and secure cloud-based data assets.

  • Security for the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Integrate skilled and seasoned Cloud developers into your existing
    team to leverage our bespoke Cloud services.

  • The laptop you bring to meetings, the phone used to call clients and utilize Slack, the printer you memorized, Wi-Fi routers etc are amongst a handful of the "things" that make up the Internet of Things (IOT). A gadget that is tied to your network creates a gateway for potential security risks.

  • Threats can enter the IoT journey at any time. To identify weaknesses in your network system and devices, it's crucial to do a security risk assessment. This evaluation ought to take into account users, policy administration, and web code. IoT has numerous layers, and the number increases as your organization expands.